Available TGauge.co.uk Products

The following items are available exclusively from TGauge.co.uk. Click the images for more details.

Trains and Train Sets

TG-055 Class 55 English Electric Deltic Locomotive Kit

TG-125 British Rail Inter-City 125 Train Set, includes two powered units and two coaches

Track and Accessories

RC-001 Flex to rigid track adapter, tapered, pack of two

RC-002 Flex to rigid track adapter, level, pack of two

TB-003 Truss bridge  NEW 

TU-001 Flex track roadbed, semi-rigid foam

TU-002 Flex track roadbed, unpainted


TB-001 Ballast, 6 gram bag, available in Light Grey, Medium Grey, Sage, Tan and Pink

A-101 Cork blocks for realistic rock faces, measures 40mm high by at least 160mm long

Other Items

TG-010 Oval buffer for Class 55 Deltic, pack of 4

TG-011 Oval buffer for Class 55 Deltic, pack of 20

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